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Engine Air Intake Filtration Solutions for
Heavy, Medium & Light Military Vehicles

Military Filtration Overview:

Maradyne Filtration Systems, formerly known as Greenlees Filter, excels in development and manufacturing of entire engine air intake systems, from air intake rain caps to air cleaners to raw and clean air ductwork. We specialize in the unique demands military vehicles and their applications present. We are familiar with all US Government MIL specs pertaining to air cleaners and air induction systems.

Our design team is completely capable and we utilize state of the art 3D design tools to assist in development. Our ISO 5011 air cleaner test lab is utilized extensively to prove and evaluate our designs and we draw on over 30 years’ field experience and data in the most demanding environments in the world. Air flows from 300 to 1200 CFM, with pre-cleaners and options including brackets, hardware, inlets, rain caps and other accessories.

Built to your spec, ease of service, long-life and designed to keep at highest levels of operational readiness and performance.

Military Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles are constantly being pushed to their limits whether it is transporting troops across a desert, responding with disaster relief, delivering supplies, or protecting our borders. These vehicles are expected to be able to withstand all the global environments the world has to offer.

It's our responsibility to supply an engine or crew compartment air filtration product that is capable of handling the extreme environments that our customers operate in.

What makes a military vehicle filter somewhat different – it is designed to be cleaned and handle more shock and vibration. Most come with both and inner and outer metal screen for durability and handling. Features such as captured wing nuts enable quick servicing to return a vehicle operation.

These are a few of the Military Tactical Vehicles that Maradyne Filtration Sytems provides vehicle air filters for:

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Effective Filtration Solutions for
Extreme Duty

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Military Vehicles & Equipment

HMMWV Tooless Air Cleaner

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The EPAC System™
is a self-cleaning engine air intake system for equipment operating in the extreme harsh environments often found in the mining, agricultural, construction and heavy industries.
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With the constant improvements being made in technology, we strive to stay above the curve and develop new and improve existing products. We feel this is one of our greatest assets. On a regular basis we work closely with military tactical equipment developers an military research facilities to improve our products and better serve the needs of our Military.

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